v1 Endpoints

REST Endpoint
GraphQL Query CDM Availability
GET /config_protection/backup List all configuration backups on a cluster. Available
POST /config_protection/backup Create a backup of the configuration and upload it to the replication target cluster. Restricted
DELETE /config_protection/backup Delete config backups by specifying the filenames. Restricted
POST /config_protection/download_config_backup Download the configuration backup. Restricted
POST /config_protection/restore Restore the configuration backup. Restricted
POST /config_protection/restore_form Generate restore form for a backup file that exists on the cluster. The restore form needs to filled and provided during restore operation. All the secrets can be filled in the form if backup was taken without secrets. If backup was taken with secrets, they can still be provided in the restore form to override the backed-up secrets. Any configuration type or a configuration entity can be removed from the form and doing so will not restore the respective configuration type or configuration entity. Restricted
GET /config_protection/setup Retrieves a list of all the configuration protection objects set up on the cluster. Available
POST /config_protection/setup Sets up config protection on the cluster. Restricted
DELETE /config_protection/setup Deletes the config protection setup. Restricted
POST /config_protection/sync_cert_to_agent Push the certificate to all hosts and refresh all hosts. Restricted