Rubrik CDM REST API to RSC GraphQL API Mapping

If you rely on Rubrik CDM APIs to automate various management operations in your Rubrik deployment, the Rosetta Stone API mapping will be useful as you migrate from Rubrik CDM to Rubrik Security Cloud (RSC) for your management tasks. RSC relies on GraphQL queries and mutations to accomplish the tasks that were performed using REST APIs in Rubrik CDM.

In Rubrik CDM version 9.0, the majority of CDM APIs are read-only. Updates in CDM versions 9.1.0-p1, 9.0.3-p1, 8.1.3-p7, and later remove the read-only limitation from a subset of these APIs to enable recovery operations and on-demand snapshots.

Click an API parent link in the Rubrik CDM REST API paths section to verify the availability of the specific API endpoint. The following values specify the availability:

In some cases, you can also view the RSC GraphQL query or mutation alternatives to the REST API endpoints. The following section describes how to determine which GraphQL operations to use for your tasks.

Finding GraphQL operations in the reference schema

To locate a GraphQL query or mutation in the GraphQL reference schema, complete the following steps.

  1. Access the Rubrik GraphQL query reference schema, or the Rubrik GraphQL mutation reference schema.

  2. Click inside the GraphQL Schema definition panel.

  3. Use Ctrl-F (Windows and Linux) or Cmd+F (Mac OS) to launch the browser search box for the HTML page.

  4. Enter the GraphQL operation name. The search results will include similar matches in the left navigation pane.

  5. In the schema definition panel, find the matching GraphQL operation.

Rubrik CDM REST API paths

/active_directory /archive /authorization /backup /backup_throttle
/blackout_window /browse /certificate /cluster /config
/config_protection /csr /data_location /data_source /database
/db2 /envoy_ng /event /event_series /exchange
/exclusion_pattern /failover_cluster /fileset /fileset_template /health_monitor
/hierarchy /host /host_fileset /hyperv /idp_auth_domain
/job_monitoring /ldap_service /legal_hold /managed_volume /mfa
/mongo /mssql /nas /network_throttle /node
/node_management /nutanix /oracle /organization /polaris
/principal /principal_search /replication /report /role
/rsc /saml /sap_hana /service_account /session
/sla_domain /smb /snapmirror_cloud /storage /syslog
/tenant_network /tpr /unmanaged_object /user /vcd
/vmware /volume_group