v1 Endpoints

REST Endpoint
GraphQL Query CDM Availability
GET /event Returns information for all events. Only Global or Read Only Admins and Support users have authorization to use this endpoint. Accepts filters. For similar functionality to the previous /internal/event endpoint, use the /v1/event/latest endpoint. query activitySeriesConnection Available
GET /event/csv_download_link Download summary of the related events that match the value specified in the following categories: event type, status, object name or ID, eventSeriesId, object type, and limit events by dates. query downloadResultsCsv Available
GET /event/latest Get the latest event, event series status, and the number of warning events for all event series. This endpoint has similar/enhanced functionality to the previously deprecated /internal/event endpoint. query activitySeriesConnection Available
POST /event/pause_resume Pauses or resumes a given job instance. For pause actions to succeed, the job must be in a Pausable state. For resume actions to succeed, the job must be in a Paused state. Uses the event series ID and job instance ID to retrieve information about an event. Performs the specified action if all the conditions are met. The specified action must be either 'Pause' or 'Resume'. Restricted