v1 Endpoints

REST Endpoint
GraphQL Query CDM Availability
GET /health_monitor/policies Retrieves the details of all the health monitor policies when policy IDs are not specified in the query parameter. If the request includes a list of policy IDs in the query parameter, the response will include the details of the specified policies. Available
GET /health_monitor/policy_status Retrieves the status of the policy enforcement for a list of nodes if specified. If nodes are not specified, the response includes the policy enforcement status for all the nodes on the Rubrik cluster. query GET HealthMonitorPolicyStatus Available
POST /health_monitor/run_policy Triggers on-demand enforcement of the set of policies specified in the request body. If a list of nodes is provided, policies are run against these nodes, otherwise the policies are run on all active nodes of the Rubrik cluster. mutation updateHealthMonitorPolicyStatus Available