v1 Endpoints

REST Endpoint
GraphQL Query CDM Availability
GET /snapmirror_cloud Retrieve summary information for all SnapMirror Cloud protected objects. Optionally, filter the retrieved information. query searchSnapMirrorCloud Restricted
POST /snapmirror_cloud Create a SnapMirror Cloud workload for a NetApp volume. mutation createSnapMirrorCloud Restricted
POST /snapmirror_cloud/bulk Create multiple SnapMirror Cloud workloads, one for each specified NetApp volume. Restricted
PATCH /snapmirror_cloud/bulk Update properties of the specified SnapMirror Cloud objects. Restricted
POST /snapmirror_cloud/relationship Creates a SnapMirrorCloud relationship on NetApp server between the volume and the cloud target which are configured on the SnapMirrorCloud protected object. Restricted
GET /snapmirror_cloud/request/{id} Retrieves the status code and description of an asynchronous task representing the specified request related to a SnapMirror Cloud protected object. Restricted
DELETE /snapmirror_cloud/snapshot/{id} Deletes a SnapMirror Cloud snapshot. A snapshot can be deleted only if it is an on-demand snapshot or a snapshot of an unprotected SnapMirror Cloud object. mutation deleteSnapMirrorCloudSnapshot Restricted
POST /snapmirror_cloud/snapshot/{id}/restore Launches a job to restore a source NetApp volume or a subset of the files and directories in that volume to a target volume. The target volume can be the same as the source volume. mutation createSnapMirrorCloudRestoreJob Restricted
GET /snapmirror_cloud/{id} Retrieve detailed information for a SnapMirror Cloud protected object by specifying the ID of the SnapMirror Cloud protected object. query searchSnapMirrorCloud Restricted
PATCH /snapmirror_cloud/{id} Updates a SnapMirror Cloud with the specified properties. Restricted
DELETE /snapmirror_cloud/{id} Delete a SnapMirror Cloud workload specified by the object ID. mutation deleteSnapMirrorCloudSnapshot Restricted
DELETE /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/delete_all_snapshots Deletes all snapshots for a given SnapMirror Cloud object. For this operation to work as intended, the SnapMirror Cloud object must be unprotected. Restricted
GET /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/missed_snapshot Retrieves summary information about all missed snapshots for a SnapMirror Cloud object. Restricted
DELETE /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/relationship Deletes the SnapMirrorCloud relationship on the NetApp server between the volume and the cloud target. Also deletes objects on the NetApp server used to establish the relationship. Restricted
GET /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/search Search for a file within the SnapMirrorCloud. The search can use the full path prefix or the filename prefix. Restricted
GET /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/snapshot Retrieve summary information for each of the snapshot objects of a specified SnapMirror Cloud workload. Restricted
POST /snapmirror_cloud/{id}/snapshot Create an on-demand backup request for the specified SnapMirror Cloud workload. mutation createSnapMirrorCloudSnapshot Restricted