v1 Endpoints

REST Endpoint
GraphQL Query CDM Availability
GET /unmanaged_object Get summary of all the objects with unmanaged snapshots. query unmanagedObjects Available
POST /unmanaged_object/assign_retention_sla Assign relic/unmanaged entities to the specified SLA Domain for managing retention. The assignment event runs asynchronously. mutation assignRetentionSLAToSnappables Available
GET /unmanaged_object/reader_object A summary of all unmanaged objects recovered from reader archival locations. query unmanagedObjects Available
POST /unmanaged_object/snapshot/bulk_archive_tier Schedules a job to tier existing snapshots of the specified objects to cold storage. Available
GET /unmanaged_object/{id}/snapshot Gets summary information for all snapshots of the object with the specified object ID. query snapshotsForUnmanagedObject Available